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Southern Timber is a single owned and operated company that crafts Professional Grade Adult and Youth Wood Bats. Each bat is selected and Hand turned, not produced on a CNC Lathe, this allows Southern Timber to ensure you are getting the quality you deserve checking for any small imperfections! Each bat is cut after ordered that way you do not have to settle for a piece of wood that has been sitting for weeks or months. After cutting the bat will remain on the lathe to be sanded by hand down to the exact specifications of the model that was ordered. The bat after rough sanding remains on the lathe to go through a process called Steel Burnishing. Steel Burnishing a wood bat is similar to bone rubbing. The benefit of steel burnishing a wood bat over bone rubbing is that instead of taking the bat off of the Lathe to rub with a bone it is left of the Lathe turning at a speed of around 3,000 RPM and then a piece of steel is held against the wood (barrel and handle) for 10-15 minutes. Steel Burnishing a bat compresses the wood to ensure that you are getting a piece of wood that is as hard as it can possibly be so that you can get maximum pop off the bat! Southern Timber takes pride in providing a Quality Product and focusing on Customer Service! Phone is available  24/7 and feedback is welcomed!!! If any other questions feel free to Contact!

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