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Balanced Feel , Meduim Sized Barrel 2 1/2" , Thin Handle 29/32". The AP5 is the most popular model for youth and high school hitters the AP5 is a smaller profile bat which comes from a very dense, hard billet which offers A LOT of pop!! Recommended for Contact or Gap to Gap Hitter!


The 243 turn model features the largest barrel diameter and thinnest handle of the common turn models. It’s a great model for a power hitter who’s looking for that end loaded swing feel. This turn model may also be a little harder to control for someone new to wood bats, or a contact hitter. Recommended for a Gap to Gap or Power Hitter!


This 271 model wood baseball bat is based on the standard C271 which has a slightly larger knob. The top hand of the handle is 15/16" in thickness then slowly goes into a long taper to the end of the barrel reaching 2 1/2" at the sweet spot. This is the most common bat used by all level of players and a great starter model because of the balance. Recommended for Contact or Gap to Gap Hitter!


This model bat is a custom model bat with 271 specifications. The knob of this bat is what makes it unique. The HM05 is a bat that is designed for a player who has had trouble with the Hamate injury. The HM05 has no knob which allows that player who likes to hang his pinky over the end of the knob avoid this injury while still getting that extra inch they desire at the end of the bat! Creates Great Torque and Unbelievable comfort! Reccomended for ANY Hitter!

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